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Beatus de Facundus. Illuminated Revelations. 1047.

In the 8th century, in a monastery in the mountains of northern Spain, 700 years after the Book of Revelations was written, a monk named Beatus set down to illustrate a collection of writings he had compiled about this most vivid and apocalyptic of the New Testament books. Throughout the next few centuries his depictions of multi-headed beasts, decapitated sinners, and trumpet blowing angels, would be copied over and over again in various versions of the manuscript. Above are a selection of images from one such manuscript known as the Beatus de Facundus (or Beatus de León), dating to 1047 and painted by a man called Facundus for Ferdinand I and Queen Sancha.

 Imagery Titles: Adoration of God, the four living creatures, the twenty-four Elders, John and the Angel. Adoration of the Mystic Lamb on Mount Zion. John prostrates himself before the angel, the seven churches of Asia, Theophany. Judgment of Babylon reduced to a fire. Angel in a cloud, Jean measure the temple of God. The Angel and the Golden Censer. Angel shows the Throne of God, the Two Witnesses. The Beast, the False Prophet, the United Nations, Gog and Magog. The Beast, the Temple and the Ark (top to bottom). -Public Domain Review

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We all remember the horrible earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated Japan in March of 2011. Well, over a year later, debris from the tsunami has been washing up on the Washington and Oregon coast, including this. I didn’t know they watched Rugrats in Japan, but I think it’s safe to say Tommy Pickles is officially creepy now.


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